International projects


Bellow are just a fraction of over 30.000 projects done so far:  like administrative buildings, banks, schools, kindergartens, sub-way stations, tunnels, churches, public and private
swimming-halls and many other private and public places.

Project:     German Parliament ( Reichstag )
Country:    Berlin - Germany
Quantity:   15.500 sqm

Project :     European Parliament ( Berlaymont )
Country:    Brüssel - Belgium
Quantity:   1.800 sqm

Project:      Daimler - Chrysler ( Administration and Showroom )
Country:    Stuttgart - Germany
Quantity:    6.500 sqm

Project:      High Court
Country:    Haifa - Israel
Quantity     1.600 sqm

Project:      Embassy of China
Country:     Berlin - Germany
Quantity:    1.100 sqm

Project:       approx. 45 Subway Stations
Country:     Düsseldorf/ Essen/ Dortmund - Germany
Quantity:    120.000 sqm

Project:       Allianz Arena ( Football Stadium )
Country:     Munich - Germany
Quantity:     1.200 sqm

Project:        Messe Hannover ( Hanover Fair Ground )
Country:      Hanover - Germany
Quantity:     1.450 sqm

Project:        All public swimming halls at the North Sea
Country:      North Sea Islands - Germany
Quantity:     10.000 sqm

Project:        Opera House
Country:      Zürich - Switzerland
Quantity:      1.800 sqm

Project:         University Singapore
Country:        Singapore
Quantity:       5.500 sqm

Project:          Irish Chamber Orchestra
Country:        Limerick - Ireland
Quantity:        800 sqm

Project:          High Court Singapore
Country:        Singapore
Quantity:        500 sqm

Project:           Airport - Kloten
Country:         Zürich - Switzerland
Quantity:         3.100 sqm

Project:           Administrative Building
Country:         Haipong - Vietnam
Quantity:         5.000 sqm

Project:           European Conference Center
Country:          Luxemburg
Quantity:         1.300 sqm

Project:            Dubai Mall
Country:          Dubai - UAE
Quantity:         12.500 sqm

Project:            Churches Korea
Country:          South Korea
Quantity:         approx. 5.000 sqm